Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful–Day 22


Today I am thankful for this girl!

Morgan and I go way back, to elementary school that is.  We had all the same friends and hung out together but never were that close.  That is until about 5 years ago when we both found out we were pregnant.  She emailed me and we had not talked in years.  We talked back in forth through email for a while and then once we both had our babies we met up for lunch.  After that we have gotten closer and closer over the past few years. 

This girl has truly become my best friend over the past few years.  I talk to her every day and feel like I can tell her anything.  She is more like a sister to me than she will ever know.  I know I can call her at any time and she will listen.  Our kids get along so well and we have already married our oldest two children to each other LOL.


I feel so blessed that God put her in my life 5 years ago when I needed a friend that was going through all the same things I was.  It’s funny how life works out like that. 

Thank you Morgan for listening to me when I need to whine and cry about all the things going on in my life.  And thank you for sharing everything that is going on in your life with me.  I am so thankful for you.  Love you girl!

I am so blessed to have all the girls that I do in my life and they mean the world to me.  Friends are so very important!



Aww you are gonna make me cry! I love you so much and our friendship means the WORLD to me. You have no idea! You are truly what true friendship means! I love you girl!


I better be Day 23!!! LMAO!!! Love you Bamber!!! This is really sweet!