Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful–Catching Up

So I obviously missed a few days because of the holiday and spending time with family.  I am now going to catch up.

Day 25 – Family

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I am so thankful for all my family:  cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and in laws.  We have a pretty big family but it is so nice to get together with them.

Day 28 – Southern Tradition:  The Iron Bowl'


If you live in Alabama you pretty much pick a side when you are born or move here.  I love the rivalry and the traditions that come with it.  I have a ton of Auburn friends but it is the one day a year that we really do not talk, LOL (just kidding).  No matter what happens each year in the game it is THE GREATEST game in college football!

Day 27- Jarred’s Grandmother, Poopee


She is such a wonderful, kind, giving lady.   She has always been like my own grandmother and treats everyone as family.  We love her so much.

Day 28 – Hope


She was our FIRST baby!  She was a wedding gift from Jarred’s groomsmen (they got permission from me) and we have loved her ever since.  She is so loving and is so good with our boys.  We love her so much!

Day 29 – My Life


I thank God everyday for the life He has given me.  I am so blessed with a loving, hard working husband and the sweetest little boys I know. At the end of the day my family and friends, my health and my God are all that matter to me.  None of the “stuff”.  As the Beatles once said, “All you need is love.”



Love all the pictures!! Love the turkey shirts and love, love, love the Beatles quote!!