Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Last Thursday was Jacob and Colyn's last day at their first school.  I was so sad to leave but needed to put the boys somewhere more flexible with mine and Jarred's schedules.  It was bitter sweet because this was the first place I have ever left my babies.  My grandmother kept Jacob until he was 2 so I never had to worry about him. 

It is hard to trust strangers with your babies and leave them all day long to basically spend more time with them then you get to because you have to work full time.  The ladies that my boys had for teachers are so special to me.  They made me feel so comfortable and I knew I was leaving them in good hands.

Colyn was an itty bitty baby when I left him and they loved on him and cuddled him like he was their own.  And Jacob, he has learned so much this year.  Those ladies taught him so much that I am truly amazed at that little boy. 

God gave these women such a special gift.  It takes a very special person to teach young children.  They each have a place in my heart!  We will miss you Ms. Sandy, Ms. Terri (aka Ms. Cherri), Ms. Donna and Ms. Renee.

Here are a few pictures from Jacob's end of the year party.


The boys started their new school on Tuesday and everything is going great.  I know we will love it just as much but we truly do miss the people and sweet friends that Jacob made.




I hope they are enjoying their new school! It's always hard leaving a great place and starting a new one!