Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Weekend

We enjoyed are long weekend with a lot of eating and fun with friends.  Saturday was my birthday, which was pretty low key.  My friend Morgan and I got pedicures and then I spent the day being lazy.  After my lazy day, we got the boys from their Nana's house and went to my parent's house to cookout and have birthday cake. 

DSC02032DSC02034   Apparently I was embarrassed!

Sunday we went to the lake with Morgan and Amy.  Although it did nothing but storm all day, we had a great time.  Hopefully next time we go it will be sunny and we will actually get to go out to the lake, ha!  I was very impressed that Jacob and Emma did not go stir crazy being stuck inside all day. 

IMG_5273 Being silly!

Monday morning we woke up to a nice surprise in our yard.


Jarred and I were both freaking out.  I got a new lens for my camera for my birthday and of course did not have it on my camera, so by the time I got it on there they were gone.  This is as good as I could get.  There were actually three deer in the yard but one had already ran back into the woods.  They were literally 5 feet from our deck when we first saw them.  Jarred is a hunter so he loved this!

After our excitement of the morning, we hung around the house for a while then decided to go back to my parent's house for dinner.  My dad loves to grill so he asked if we wanted to come eat smoked ribs and chicken, so of course we did not pass that up.

We had a great, low key weekend and can not wait to do it again soon!  I hope you all had a great Memorial Day. 




Great pictures!! We had so much fun Sunday. I don't think I got any pictures though. :( Yall have to come back soon!


We had a lot of fun Sunday too! I love spending time with everyone- even if it did rain!


Looks like y'all had a blast!