Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 Months Old


Colyn, you are 5 months old (last Friday).  Time, please slow down!  It blows my mind how fast these past 5 months have gone by.

  • You are loving baby food!  We have tried all the orange veggies and are almost through the fruits.  You love bananas and applesauce. 
  • You broke out when we fed you peaches, so no more peaches!
  • You still love oatmeal and your bottle.  You like to have 5-6 oz. every 3 hours.  You act like you are starving to death every three hours, but I know you are just my little piggy.
  • You are wearing size 3 diapers now.
  • You are trying to sit up and love to bounce when someone is holding you on your feet.
  • You can move yourself around on your back but no crawling yet on your belly.
  • You babble all the time and still love to watch your brother's every move.
  • You are sleeping so good in your co-sleeper, but next month you get the big move.
  • You had your first ear infection, which was no fun.  We got you on antibiotics and when we took brother to the doctor last week he looked at your ears and said they looked great.


We love you more and more everyday little man!




Look how cute he is!! We had so much fun at the lake with yall this weekend. We have to do it again soon!


He is so cute! I can't decide who he looks like, sometimes he looks just like Jarred but sometimes you. Either way he is adorable!! : )