Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 Weeks

I went to the doctor this past Tuesday and all is good.  Dr. Benton gave me another round of antibiotics to try to knock this mess out yet again, hopefully it will work.  I now start going every two weeks, I can not believe we are already to that point.  This pregnancy has literally flown by!  Here is my belly picture for the week.


We (as in I) carved our pumpkins the other night.  Here are a few pictures of the fun.

102609 016Jacob playing with the carving utensils.

102609 017He decided it was more fun to use it as a screwdriver for his truck.

102609 020Trying to decide which face he wanted the pumpkin to have (this is when he decided carving a pumpkin was not fun and ran off to go play)!

102609 028The finished projects.  I decided to make one for Jacob and Colyn (even though he is technically not here yet).

Last night we went to Jacob's school Fall Festival, it was fun but very crowded.  I did not really get any good pictures because the battery died on my camera and Jacob was too busy running around.  Here is my one good shot of the little pirate before the festival at my grandmother's.

102909 007

I hope to have many more pictures of the little pirate this weekend.  I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!




Cute pictures, you look cute as always!


too cute! love your pumpkins and Jacobs pirate costume!!! and belly pic!!!
your down in the 50's (days left) =) It's going to fly by!!!! yay!


Aww I love the baby pumpkins! So cute!

I knew you got Jacob a pirate costume...then Xander started saying he wanted to be a pirate so I got one at the store last night and how bout it's the same exact one LOL Oops! He loves it tho.


Looking cute....as normal!!!! Love Jacob in his pirate costume!!!