Monday, November 2, 2009

A Not So Happy Halloween

Well our Halloween did not really go as planned, but I guess that is to be expected sometimes when you have children.  Jacob got sick Saturday morning at Nana's.  We thought he just got choked on sinus drainage and it made him throw up, well I guess it was a mixture of that and maybe a virus, we don't really know.  By the time we picked him up to get ready to go Trick or Treating he had thrown up again. 

We decided to put his costume on him and take a few pictures just incase that was it.  I am glad we did because sure enough as soon as we got to my grandmother's he needed to throw up again!  It was so pitiful, he just made me want to cry.  He knew we were supposed to go with our friends and kept saying he wanted to go trick or treating with Emma and Mallory. 

He was much better yesterday morning, you would have never known the child was sick.  The first thing he asked for when he woke up was "marties,"  that is Smarties in two year old.  LOL!  Of course, we waited a while before we gave him any Smarties, but he was definitely back to normal yesterday.  Here are the few pictures I got of him being a Pirate.

IMG_3539 IMG_3543  IMG_3547

 IMG_3549  IMG_3553


I hope everyone had a great weekend and a better Halloween than we did.




I hate that Jacob had to miss it, but glad to hear that he is feeling better!


Aw.. I hate to hear he was sick on Halloween. Poor baby. I love the pics.. cute pirate!

The Carpenters

Bless his heart...... I am glad to hear that he is feeling better.


I hate yall missed it too but he sure was a cute pirate!!


I'm glad you at least got some pics of him in his costume.


Poor thing! I'm glad he is feeling better. Mylee was sick yesterday with the same thing. He definitely was an adorable little pirate!


cute costume.
that boy has some hair!