Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It Was Sprinkling on Sunday

This weekend was very eventful to say the least.  Friday night we had GNO at my friend Melissa's house.  We had a great time just cutting up and being girls!  They gave me a great basket filled with baby stuff for Baby Colyn, thank you girls! 

Saturday I completely over did it.  I tend to get ideas in my head and when I want them done I do not like to wait on anyone to do them, so I decided I would rearrange my living room.  I am in total nesting mode right now and I can not sit still.  Jarred went hunting so he was not home and I did not feel like waiting so I did it.  I was pretty worn out by the end of the day to say the least.  My friend Christy came in town Saturday afternoon so we just hung out and went shopping at Target with Jacob. 

Sunday, my wonderful friends threw me a baby tea or sprinkle as they say if it is a second child.  They also all went in together and got me a double stroller (which I can not wait to use).  It was great, I had such a great time and got a lot of great gifts.  Baby Colyn will not run out of diapers or wipes for a while! 

We had the tea at my house so everyone could see the nursery.  It was a great excuse to have everything done and my house clean, HA!  Here are a few pictures from the day.

IMG_3615 IMG_3617 IMG_3619 IMG_3620 IMG_3622

I am so happy this is a short week at work because now it is time to decorate for Christmas.  I am going to try and take it easy for a few days as seeing that I could not walk by Sunday night.  Jarred made me put my feet up and rest last night, which is really hard to do when I have so many things running through my head that need to be done.   I hope everyone has a great week!




I had a blast at GNO and can't wait to do it again!


so fun! you got a lot of goodies! you have some great friends!
dont over do it! take time to rest!!! I am getting like that at home too, I see something so little and want it done right then, see something else and repeat...
We finish Christmas decorations this week/end too! yay! Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Love the pic of all of us.. it's been awhile since we have taken a GNO pic!


Looks like you got tons of wonderful stuff! I hate I missed it! Take it easy and rest up- Baby Colyn will be here soon!