Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mommy, That is a John Deere

Sunday we made our yearly trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was a dreary day but we made it in and out before it really started raining.  We had a great time with Lucy, but Jacob missed his Emma.  Unfortunately they did not have such a great time and I wish it would have turned out better for them.

As soon as we got there, Jacob wanted to go see the tractors.  He made sure to tell me that it was a John Deere.  They had pedal tractors too, but his little legs were not long enough to push the pedals so he just sat on them.  We ran around for a little while, looking at all the animals and taking pictures along the way.  We finally made it down to the hayride to go to the actual patch to get our pumpkins. 

The mosquitoes were horrible on the hayride but once we got out there it was better.  They had a lot of great pumpkins and we got to pick three, one for each of us.  Once we picked out our pumpkins we made our way back to the hayride to go back and it started drizzling.  It was not too bad, but enough to annoy you.  We made it to the car just in time because the bottom fell out shortly there after. 

IMG_3387IMG_3399 IMG_3405IMG_3446 IMG_3393IMG_3448        IMG_3439IMG_3460     

Have a Happy Tuesday!    




Those are cute, I hate it didn't work out for us either. All Emma talked about the entire way there was Jacob.

The Carpenters

Those are really great pictures!! It looks like y'all had a lot of fun!!!


Love the pictures!!! We had fun...maybe we'll have better weather next time!