Thursday, October 8, 2009

28 Weeks

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and of course it was very uneventful.  Although, Dr. Benton did ask where my belly came from.  Okay, I get it I am huge!  She measured me, listened to the heartbeat and sent me on my way.  She did say that my iron was low so I have to start taking iron pills again, which I kind of figured since I have been munching on ice a lot lately.  I go back in three weeks then I start every two.  It is getting closer.  Here is my belly picture for the week.


I have started my nesting phase I believe.  I am picking up and cleaning every night now.  I can not sit still anymore, I feel like I need everything to be organized.  Last night I worked on Jacob and Colyn's wreaths.  They are almost done, just need letters for their names.  I also organized Jacob's closet and got his winter clothes washed and ready to be worn.  I am hoping to have Jarred and his buddy paint the nursery next weekend, we shall see.  I hope y'all have a great Thursday!




Don't you look so cute!! :)


You look precious.. and almost like a whale like Morgan..(Just kidding!!)


You do look great! I love dresses like that!

The Carpenters

You look great!! Don't worry about what everyone else says! All that matters is a healthy baby!!!


You look wonderful! I am in the nesting phase too, but I can't do very much right now and it stinks!!! What color did you do their wreaths in? I need to make Baby B's this weekend.