Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Preschool Orientation

I apologize in advance for this being sappy.  We went to Jacob's preschool orientation last night and everything went great besides a little crying.  Jacob did not have much of a nap yesterday so he was not very thrilled when we woke him up to get out of the car, nor that we left him with his new teachers while we went to the parent meeting.  Once we got back in the room he was sitting down coloring and acting fine.

I have looked forward to Jacob starting his new school since I signed him up and I have had tons of people ask me, "are you scared at all"?  I always try to play it off and say, " oh he will be fine, he is going to learn so much".  But, truth be known, yes I am scared to death!  Jacob has never stayed with anyone other than our family besides the hour he goes to nursery on Sundays.  I know he will do fine and learn a ton, but it is all really starting to hit me.

I know he is only two and preschool might not be a big deal to some, but to me, I look forward to him learning all new things and interacting with other children.  I can not believe that time is already here.

It literally seems like I was just holding my precious little man on my chest and never wanting to put him down because I wanted to make sure he was still breathing.  Now I am sending him off to stay with strangers all day, four days a week!  I have always felt like I had to put up this front and be tough for my little man because he is a boy.  I never want to get upset in front of him because he does not like me to cry.  But, that front has literally fallen before my eyes.  My child is growing up way too fast, I just want it to slow down a little.

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Okay, enough rambling!



Aww, so sappy! :) JK It does happen quick doesn't it. He's gotten so big I just can't believe it!


Jacob is going to do great and he will love preschool. After the first week, it will be a breeze.


If only me, you and Lindy weren't pregnant we could go have a stiff drink tomorrow night and then next week when Emma starts! Your post brought tears to my eyes thinking about it for you and for us. But you know I'm a sappy person anyway! LOL!


is he throwing up gang signs?
so proud of you doing preschool!