Friday, August 21, 2009

21 Weeks

I am over the hump now, I will be counting down the weeks till December when Baby Colyn makes his debut.  This has been a rough week, not pregnancy wise just all together.  Being pregnant and sick is not fun at all.  On top of that, Jacob is now sick, well he started getting sick before me but it has gotten worse.

I took him to the doctor this morning and he has an ear infection on his ear drum, not the typical middle ear infection.  He has a blister on his ear drum and the doctor said it is probably very painful (explains the screaming fit the other night).  He gave us an antibiotic and numbing ear drops.  This is our first run in with an ear infection, so this is all new to me.  I am so thankful he has been so healthy his first two years of life, but I know it is coming now that he is in preschool.

While we were there, Jacob's doctor looked at my ears because they are killing me.  Well guess what, I have an ear infection too.  Go figure!  I am on my last day of my Z-pak so maybe that will clear it up.  I think I may steal a few of Jacob's numbing drops.

Anyway, here is my weekly belly picture.

21weeks I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, we will be in the bed!




You look so cute as usual! Hope yall feel better.


I hope you feel better soon!! That is rough!

I had a friend who had recurrent ear infections all throughout her last pregnancy - apparently you're more susceptible to them then.

And the picture is adorable!!!


sorry you are all feeling like poo. i hope yall have a great weekend laying in the bed eating reese's cups and drinking diet coke.
baby colyn is getting big. you're still as cute as ever.