Friday, July 17, 2009

It’s A-

Nother boy!  That is right, Jarred and I are going to be blessed with another precious boy.  We went yesterday to Virginia College to have a free ultrasound just to see if we could find out what we are having.  They were great, spent almost an hour just looking at everything.  Students do the actual ultrasound and they have to take a gazillion pictures of every part of the body for practice and then the teacher comes in at the end to confirm the sex if they can see it.  I did not mind one bit, it was so much fun to see our baby just hanging out.  

I drank a huge Dr. Pepper to get the baby moving around and apparently caffeine does not phase him at all.  The little booger sat on my bladder forever, just curled up in a little ball.  Once the technician started pushing on my belly to make him move he waved at us.  I said he was waving at his momma, but really I think he was telling us to leave him alone!  It took a while to actually see what the sex was because the umbilical cord was between the legs, but once he rolled over we saw!

I am 16 weeks this week and go back to the doctor on August 4th.  I will have my “big ultrasound” that day where they will check all the organs and confirm the sex again.  So, unless we were seeing the umbilical cord (which I am pretty sure that is not what we saw) it is definitely a boy.  I am posting my weekly belly picture and a picture of our little man.


week16ultrasoundI hope you all have a great weekend!



oh congratulations!!!
i guess i really can't have any of jacob's things now! j/k.
that is so wonderful.
two little boys to play together.
you're looking good.
take care.
can we get the babies together sometime?


Congrats! Congrats!!!!

Two boys! well three! So exciting!!!

Thought of names??