Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Table That Took Forever!

So back at Christmas time I bought Jacob a table and chairs so he would have some where to color, play, eat, etc. It was an unfinished table and chairs that we had to paint. I had this grand idea to paint it and have my sister draw Big Al on it. Well that was a grand idea unless you know me and my husband and the fact that we tend to procrastinate about everything!

The wood on the table soaked up the paint really bad so Jarred tried several different ways to paint it (spray paint, primer, regular white latex paint). Well, he never finished it so Jacob never got his table for Christmas. It sat for a good two months in the basement until one sunny Sunday I finally decided to get it out and paint it. I had that bad boy finished in two hours! A few weeks later Haley (my sister) came over and started Big Al, but it still did not get finished.

Finally on the Friday before Easter, Haley spent the night with me while Jacob and Jarred were gone and we finished that darn table. It is so cute! Haley did a great job on Big Al and the football. She has such a talent at drawing, I hope she continues to use it!



Yay, the table is finally done! Just giving you a hard time, your sister did a GREAT job!!


Aww, it looks so cute!

(see, you're gonna have to start commenting on my blog now that you have a blog. that's how it goes! lol)


TOO CUTE!!! Even though I'm an Auburn fan...this is adorable!!!