Monday, April 20, 2009

So I Know I Am Behind

Yet I am still catching up from the past week but I wanted to share pictures of Jacob's first Eater Egg dying experience. My sister and I have a tradition of dying Easter Eggs every year on the Saturday before Easter. We always do it at my parent's house. I figured Jacob was old enough to get in on the action this year. He had a lot of fun, but of course being almost two, he got bored very quickly. He wanted to throw the eggs into the cups, but only managed to crack a few.

Writing on the eggs with the wax crayon.

Putting an egg in the dye.

Now throwing the eggs in the dye.

Helping Mommy get the egg out of the dye.

Then he got bored and went to play with his trucks!

Overall we had a good time. We dyed four dozen eggs, so needless to say we have been eating boiled eggs for the past week! I can not wait to do it again next year.