Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Day Out With Thomas

So Saturday we took Jacob to ride Thomas the Train. He was so excited and had been talking about it all week so I could not wait to see his reaction when he actually got to ride. Traffic was horrible on 65, of course, so we did not get there till about 45 minutes before. For some reason they wanted you there an hour before your actual ride so of course I was begining to freak out but once we arrived I chilled out!

After getting our tickets at Will Call we walked around for a while until we were able to board. Jacob was not all that thrilled with everything, he just wanted his Papa to hold him as we walked around, but he eventually warmed up to everything right before we boarded the train.
Our seats were on the enclosed car that has 4 seats facing each other, so Phyllis (Nana) and I were able to sit facing Jarred, Jacob and Joe (Papa). It was the perfect place to take pictures.

Jacob waiting for the train to actually move.

Waving bye-bye to all the people outside.

The train ride was 25 minutes long. We went down the tracks two miles and then backed up two miles. It was fun, but I do not see me taking a train ride any time soon. I get motion sickness, so that was enough for me. Jacob really enjoyed it but was ready to "ge-off" about 15 minutes into it. He did good though!

After the train ride we walked around to see everything else they had. Jacob had his picture made with Thomas, walked through the petting zoo and then played on an acutal train car and tracks.

All in all it was a fun day and Jacob had a great time with "Toma-the-train" (that's his words of course).



So cute! I think I recognize that shirt hehe *sigh* I miss Xander being that little!