Friday, April 24, 2009

Change Of Plans

So this past weekend we had all intentions of going to Alabama's A-Day game. We (I) had been looking forward to it all week. Plans changed though after a rough week and just the thought of taking a two year old around 150,000 people did not seem as appealing anymore. We opted to head to the zoo instead.

Jacob loves the zoo and we have a membership that expires next month so I wanted to try and get my money's worth out of it so we have been twice in the past month. He loves to see the tiger and lions. But his favorite part is the train. He wants to drive the train not ride it and every time we get off of it he pitches a fit. It was a lovely day so we really enjoyed ourselves.

After we left the zoo we decided to finish our low key day at home. Jarred washed my car while Jacob and I drew with sidewalk chalk and ran trucks down the hill. Jacob eventually found the bubbles in Daddy's car wash bucket and had a field day with that. He was soaked! The weekend ended up being a perfect low key weekend for just the three of us.