Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Month Gone

Well that month flew and yet I did not do any better at blogging.  Hopefully everything at work will slow down in the next few months so I can enjoy life a little more.  Here is a recap of February (in pictures of course because I am too tired to write).

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Allison’s baby shower for sweet Alex (coming soon).

021011 022021011 028

Colyn feeding himself (MESSY!)

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Unusually warm days in February.

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Lynde’s baby shower for Baby H (please come up with a name already LOL).

02202011 00502202011 012

Jacob’s Valentine’s Day party at school.

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Fun times at the park!

World of Wheels 2011 001

World of Wheels

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Ignite 2011 Marriage Conference at COTH.

That pretty much sums up my February, besides work, doctor’s appointments and oh yeah baseball (but we will save that for March).  Here’s to hoping March slows down a little.




It's about time you came back! I'm kidding! Love all the pictures.


oh, yea! you finally posted! and no, i will not come up with a name anytime soon. so sorry. and can we choose a more flattering picture next time...yikes...do i really look like that?! (I'm just kidding, you can post whatever you want, and i will eat it up and love it! exclamation points seem to be my thing today, oh well.)


The pictures are fantastic! FANTASTIC!