Saturday, September 18, 2010


This past weekend was full of firsts.  Jacob had his first soccer game and Colyn finally cut his first tooth.  Jacob did good for his first game, considering they had only had one practice EVER.  He played the first two quarters then a little boy from the other team ran into him and that was it, HA!  He said that he did not like that other team and he was done.  He had another practice this past Monday and did awesome, so hopefully today will go much smoother.

Soccer 002Soccer 014Soccer 019Soccer 020

To add to last weekend, Colyn finally cut his first tooth.  He came home from daycare with a fever but acted fine, so I told Jarred that it might be his tooth.  Sure enough, Jarred put his finger in Colyn’s mouth and the tooth about cut it off.  That bad boy is sharp!  He was a trooper going to Jacob’s game and then having all of the guys over for the Bama game.  He is such a happy baby!

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You can’t really see it, but it is the right one (looking at the picture).