Thursday, September 30, 2010

9 Months Old


Colyn you turned 9 months old on September 28.  Only a few short months and you will already be a year old.  Here is what is going on in your world.

  • You weigh 18 lbs. 2 oz. and you are 27 1/2 inches long.
  • You wear mostly 6-9 months clothes but can wear some 9-12 months and still some 3-6 month onesies because you a skinny little thing.
  • You have started eating finger foods and really like cheese puffs!
  • You love your bottle but will drink from a sippy cup.
  • You have the cutest crawl, we call it the pimp crawl because you keep on leg up and crawl on the other leg, LOL!
  • You are pulling up on everything and cruising around pushing toys and holding on to things with one hand.
  • You FINALLY have two bottom teeth (I did not think they were ever going to come in).  You cut them 2 weeks ago.  It wasn’t too bad just a little fever.
  • You are such a happy, smiling baby.
  • You are mostly a Momma’s boy but Daddy can get you to calm down and fall asleep in a flash.
  • You sleep in your crib and will fall asleep on your own most of the time.


You love to stick that tongue out!


You look like you are cheesing here.

Daddy, Jacob and I love you so very much and could not imagine life without you in it.  We can’t wait to see what all you have accomplished this month and the ones to come.