Monday, December 7, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...Wait, What?

Don't blink or you will miss the snow that we got on Saturday morning!  It was very short lived but we took the opportunity to enjoy it for all of about thirty minutes.  Jacob loved it and I was so excited for him to actually see snow two times this year!  Obviously we do not get to see if very often.

IMG_3709 IMG_3718IMG_3728 IMG_3747 IMG_3740

The rest of our weekend was spent cheering on the Tide and shopping with Jarred's family.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Roll Tide!!!




I couldn't sleep so I was up til 3am watching it fall. By the time I got up the next day {*cough* 11:00am *cough*} it was gone.


Cute pictures! I love the little snowman!! Hope you are doing well, anytime now! :)


im jealous!!! we never get snow until feb or march! i love it!

the pictures are soo cute!!!