Wednesday, December 23, 2009

39 Weeks

Well, here I am hanging on at 39 weeks.  With Jacob I had been induced by now so this is the longest I have ever been pregnant and I am not going to lie, it is tough!  I am so ready for Baby Colyn to make his grand entrance into this world but with it being Christmas this week, he can hang on until at least Saturday, HA! 

I went to the doctor yesterday and I am making progress but as long as he stays snug I will be induced Monday morning at 5 AM.  So, in other words, I will more than likely make it to my due date.  Here is my last belly picture!  I am so over the whole maternity clothes thing I could scream.  I can not wait to wear somewhat normal clothes again.  And, since I am in two weddings and my 10 year high school reunion is this summer I have got to bust it in the gym! 


I hope everyone has enjoyed my growing belly but I know it will be so much more enjoyable to see pictures of a precious little baby.  I will get pictures up on here just as soon as I can after he makes his arrival.




I had to show you off to Whitney at my work who is 34 weeks pregnant.. she loved the collage. She is having a boy as well! Love the Christmas pics of Jacob as well! Merry Christmas to yall!


I know your ready!!! Can't wait to see him! If he does come this weekend on his own, I wish you a safe, fast, healthy delivery!!!!
Merry Christmas to your family as well!


Looking cute, although you can tell in your smile your not having fun being pregnant anymore!! :)