Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the Birth Days Begin

I have mentioned in the past about our GNO group, well I love these girls to death and it means so much to have girl friends that you can tell anything to or just rely on.  Well there are five of us pregnant and the birth days began this weekend.  Lindy had her baby boy, Wyatt, Friday night.  He is adorable.  Several of us got up Saturday morning to go see him and reassure Lindy that she looked fabulous (did not even look like she had given birth not 24 hours before).  Wyatt is in great health and Mommy, Daddy and big sister Ella are so excited for his arrival. 

091309 002Me holding Baby Wyatt.

After seeing Lindy, I went with my parents to the UAB game to support my sister again this weekend.  I wanted to take Jacob but did not because it was supposed to rain.  We tailgated and got to watch the pep rally before kickoff.  It was a good game, but the Blazers lost.  That night Jarred, Jacob and I watched the Alabama game at Jarred's parents' house.  It was not a pretty first half, but Bama showed up to the second half and won, Roll Tide!

Sunday we went to church.  It was a great service but I was somewhat distracted with a horrible pain.  I thought it was just a Braxton Hicks contraction but my friend told me that these do not hurt, this HURT!  I was squeezing Jarred's leg and in tears, but it went away and I have not had any pain since.  I never really had contractions with Jacob until I was already doped up in the hospital so I did not remember what they felt like.  Hopefully it was nothing and I will not feel pain like that again until I am in labor, SEVERAL months from now.  I hope you all had a great weekend.




Cute picture, I'm the only one that forgot my camera! :(


Oh I'm so jealous. I wish so badly that I could have come with you guys! Damn being sick! Cute picture and I sure hope everything is ok with you? Did you find out what the pain was?


The pain was probably round ligament pain. The more times you are pregnant, the worse the pain is. I had the same sorts of pains with my second and third pregnancies! It hurts AND it's scary!