Friday, September 25, 2009

26 Weeks

Here I am at 26 weeks, still counting down.  I have nothing new to really report this week, just getting more tired as the days go by.  Here is my weekly belly picture.

092509 012

On another note, I went to Kids Market here in Birmingham last night.  If you are in the Birmingham area I highly recommend going.  I shopped for two hours and my patience paid off because I came home with a TON of clothes for both Jacob and Colyn and feel that I got a great deal.  I am attaching pictures of all my great finds!

092509 001Jacob's new (to him) clothes.

092509 010

Jacob is in a wedding in January and I called my friend Lynn when I found this and she told me to GRAB it!  It is a three piece tux in perfect condition for $10!

092509 005

Colyn's new (to him) clothes.

092509 006 092509 008 092509 007 

These are three of my favorite outfits I got Colyn.  The puppy on the pants in the middle is on the booty and the Christmas outfit I got because it was super cute and only $3, so if he is not here yet I have two other friends that could use it.

Kids Market has a Fall and Spring sale so I will definitely be going to the Spring sale as well.  That is about all I have to report.  We have GNO tonight and I am getting my hair cut.  I will share pictures on Monday.  I  hope you all have a great weekend!  TGIF




too cute! maybe this weekend, I will have the hubby take a belly pic. Im horrible... :(

you racked up on clothes!!! =)


WOW....I need to go there ASAP!!!! Cute pic too!!!!


You did get a lot of great stuff. I feel bad I didn't even look at a lot of stuff for Brooks but then his closet is getting full already. I know in the spring I'll buy lots more for him. Emma on the other hand, racked up! :)