Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is Today Monday or Tuesday?

It never really matters, the first day of the week is crazy, Monday or not.  We had a busy weekend to say the least and I am still trying to catch up on the rest. 

Saturday was an eventful day, after all it was the start to college football.  My sister is a UAB Blazer cheerleader and I had promised her I would make it to her game, of course it was raining ALL DAY!  It actually did clear up though for the three o'clock kickoff and stayed rain free until the 3rd quarter.  She looked so cute and cheered the Blazers on to a 44-24 victory over Rice.

DSC_2296 DSC_2330 DSC_2338

That night, Jarred had all the guys over for the Alabama game.  This is our weekly tradition of cooking out and watching the game to pull our Tide through.  I failed to mention that Jarred had Jacob with him the whole day.  When I got home, Jacob was running around like a crazy child.  Jarred let his buddies jack him up on sugar!  He refused to wear his Bama jersey but was too funny.  He would clap and scream Roll Tide when we all got excited and would run to each of the guys and make them give him knuckles.  Because he had not taken a nap, he was out by half time.  It was a great game and we can not wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.

sept06 001 Jarred and all his buddies!

Sunday we went to the lake with my friends Morgan, Amy and their husbands.  We had a great time riding on the boat, feeding the ducks and cooking out.  I have a lot of pictures to share from then, so I will post them all tomorrow since this post is so long.

Yesterday, Jacob and I decided to go to the pool with my mom and sister.  The pool closes after this weekend so we figured we would take advantage of it.  Jacob had so much fun jumping in and "swimming" to the steps.  He would do it all day long if we would let him.

sept07 006sept07 014sept07 015sept07 028     

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!




He's a smart little boy, he didn't want to wear that yucky AL jersey and who can blame him! :) Just kidding!


Whatever Morgan!! :) Great Pics! Your sister is so darn cute.


great pics! glad you had a good weekend! thank goodness it's a short week!


did you tell me haley was cheering for uab? i think i missed that. anyways, congrats to her, and she IS so darn cute.
oh, boys will be boys. seriously, thinking it's hysterical to get him "all jacked up on mtn. dew" (talladega nights quote)? they're so funny.
i can't believe jacob is giving knuckles. i have so much to look forward to. right now, i got nothing. it sounds like you had a jam packed weekend. hope you and baby colyn get some rest.


Yay Haley! Looks like she's really enjoying it.