Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

Jacob had his Christmas program and party at school this past week.  It was a busy week.  He did so good in his program but was more interested in finding us and waving rather than singing.


Colyn had some crazy hair going on at the program so we had to of course take a picture of that as well.


And after the program, when we got home he was so tired he passed out in the floor!


Friday was the PJ Christmas party.  Jacob was so excited to wear his Christmas Cars PJ’s to school.


Mrs. Tews


Ms. Jesse


Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Jacob had a great time at his party but was taught a valuable lesson when he got home from school.  On his way home he devoured an entire bag of candy and as soon as he got home he got very sick.  So, he now knows if he eats a lot of candy he will get sick.  Although, as soon as he got done being sick he asked for more chocolate.  Maybe he will learn one day!