Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soccer Mom

Well I am officially a soccer mom, Jacob started soccer practice this past Monday.  At first he was a little hesitant to wear all his gear but when it came time to get out there and actually meet his team he put it on. 

We had a good first practice (with a brief meltdown, HA).  His coach is one of the little boy’s dads and has all my respect!  He has a great deal of patience to coach six 3 year olds.  Jacob loved listening to him and chasing him around.

Jacob is really good at kicking the ball (just like his Daddy) but still thinks he can pick it up whenever.  Hopefully by the end of this season he will know that you do not touch the ball with your hands in soccer.  Here are a few pictures from his first practice.


The kids named their team the Trussville Tigers. I am not real sure why they chose that, but that will be the only Tigers I will ever cheer for, HA.  And not to leave the little man out, here is Colyn hanging out at Jacob’s practice.


There first game is in a couple weeks and I am sure it will be pretty funny watching a bunch of three year olds play a soccer game.