Monday, March 29, 2010

3 Months Old

0310 046

Little man you are 3 months old (yesterday).  Where has the time gone? 

  • You are still sleeping in your co-sleeper all night long.
  • You take 6 oz. of formula every 4 hours.  You love to eat!
  • You love to sit up in your Bumbo or our laps so you can look around at everything.
  • You smile ALL THE TIME! 
  • You are laughing out loud, especially when Mommy sings, "Give me back the filet a fish,"  LOL
  • You love to put your hands in your mouth and are grabbing everything you can now.
  • You have found your feet but can not figure out how to get them in your mouth yet (which is fine with me, ha).
  • You are in size 1 diapers.
  • You wear 3-6 months clothes and a few 0-3 still.
  • You love to stare at Jacob and watch his every move.  You also love to stare at the TV.
  • I am not sure exactly how much you weigh but when I hold you on the scale with me you are about 13 pounds.

Daycare had been an adjustment (for Mommy), but you are doing really good.  You were sick this past week with a viral infection and it broke my heart to see you run a fever and just not feel good.  Brother was never sick this young, so Mommy did not know how to act!  You are much better this week and we are so happy.  We love you so much and enjoy watching you grow everyday.

0310 0380310 049Does anyone notice a pattern with Jacob's shirt?  He had it on in last month's picture too.

0310 054Mid roll!