Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Operation No More Paci

Sunday, I decided it was time to rid Jacob of the pacifier. Before church, when he was in our bedroom playing, I cut the end of his paci off and left both pieces on the table for him to find (I know I am a mean momma). When he walked into the living room, I followed him to see his reaction. He said, "my pappy broke again!"

Back story to this, Jacob really did put a whole in his paci a few months ago. He threw it in the garbage to give to the garbage man like a big boy and did so good until bed time that night. After about an hour of screaming, crying and saying his mouth hurt, Jarred gave in and got him another paci we had stashed. I was furious! I knew after that it would not be easy to get the pacifier away from him, it is like an addiction that an adult would have. I had to stop it cold turkey!

Jacob had several great ideas for the broken paci, "I fix it", "more pappy's" and "buy new one". Every one of which I had to break it to him that no we can't fix, we have no more and we can not buy a new one. He just kinda went with it and held on to his paci all the way to church. He did so good in nursery without it and for the rest of the day for that matter. Here comes the hard part, bed time. He actually did really good! He whined a little bit but went to sleep pretty quickly.

Yesterday went well also. He still had the broken paci and walked around with it that morning. Once he got to my sister's house she put it up and he never asked for it. Last night went great and now we are on day three. I am hoping we are completely over the pacifier. Jacob is becoming such a big boy! Next up, potty training.



I'm so glad he is doing so good. Be prepared now, he'll talk and talk and talk. I love it though! :)


our paci story went like that!!
after the second day without it, it was smooth sailing! He has not had one in about 4-5 months! I was so relieved!!! He will def start talking aLOT more!!


cade didnt take a paci, but im sure it couldve been scary, but we are on day 7 of potty training, not quit 2 and a half and its going well... please pray...:)


Yay for big boys :) Well, still kinda makes me sad that they grow up.