Monday, December 5, 2011

An Elf Named Cup

We have a visitor that showed up last week, a cute little elf.  This is our first year with our elf.  Jacob named him Cup.  Jarred calls Colyn fruit cup, because he likes fruit, so that is where that came from.  Yes, I know we are very creative LOL.  Any who, Jacob is really having fun finding Cup every morning in different places.  He said it’s a game!  Here are a few places we have found him hanging out.


We have a LONG few more weeks with Cup, we shall see where he ends up next!



Emma and Brooks are having so much fun with theirs!

Kristen Pesnell

We have an elf for the first time this year too. Abbott is his name...he was named when he arrived, otherwise Julia and Griffin would probably still be fighting over what to name him:) I love how Jacob found Cup fishing...I bet we find Abbott fishing soon!!!