Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1st Haircut

The week of Christmas I decided it was time to cut Colyn’s little mullet off.  Jacob’s 1st haircut and every one since has been traumatic to him (although he has gotten much better) so I decided I would do Colyn’s myself since it was just a straight cut across the back.  He did really good!  He stayed still for the most part and there were no tears.

December 10 001December 10 007December 10 010December 10 012December 10 017

I think I did a good job for a first time haircut, and the best part, no more mullet!




So cute, I could squeeze him!!! I've cut Brooks' hair several times but not doing around the ears again unless someone tells me a good way to do it. So if you have suggestions let me know!