Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week Full of Birthdays

This past week was full of birthdays and birthday celebrations.  We started it off on Wednesday going to Olive Garden to celebrate Jarred and Haley’s birthdays.  It was a yummy dinner and I had the best pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

DSC_0167[1] DSC_0169[1]DSC_0175[1]The birthday boy and girl.DSC_0179[1]My sweet Jacob!

Thursday was Jarred’s 30th birthday and he wanted to keep it low key.  So, we decided to go eat, just the 4 of us at a new restaurant by our house.   It was pretty good but Jacob decided he wanted to be wild man that night so we ate and left pretty quick.  You never know with 3 year olds.

Saturday we had Jacob’s soccer game and then a big party for Jarred and our buddy Brett.  It was a busy but fun day!  And rounding out the weekend we had a family party for Jarred and my sister.  Her 20th birthday was on Saturday.  After the party we took a trip to Bass Pro Shops because Jarred’s birthday money was burning a whole in his pocket. 

DSC_0193[1]DSC_0199[1] DSC_0209[2] They look so excited!DSC_0217[1] Some of the gang from Saturday night.DSC_0248[1]My sissy and DaddyDSC_0267[2]DSC_0271[1]DSC_0278[1]

What a weekend.  Now I am ready for another busy weekend with Halloween.