Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's My Bloggy First Birthday!

Yeah I know that is not a word but I like it!

So I can not believe I have been writing on this here blog for a year.  It is so funny to me because I swore I would NEVER start a blog.  I read a ton of them but I always said that it was stupid for me to start one because I would never have anything to say and no one would ever read it.  Well, I guess I was wrong. 

Thank you Trina and Morgan for pressuring talking me into finally starting this online journal of my crazy life.  I really am grateful for the two of you encouraging me to write down all the memories of my life that my family and I can cherish forever.  Happy Bloggy Birthday to me!  LOL 

Easter10 071

It is all for these two little monsters, without them I would have NOTHING to write about.



H2's Mommy

Happy Bloggy Birthday! I'm glad you caved and started one. It's so fun to keep up with each other through the blog world and especially see pictures of the kids! Hopefully we'll see you in person soon.


Happy Bloggy Bday! Aren't you glad we pressured you ;) lol


Well happy happy!! I really can't believe its been a year either!! All of your pics are so cute! The boys are getting so big!


Awe! Thats great! Glad you started blogging!


Happy Blogging Birthday! Love the pic! They are so cute!


I realized when we were in Disney it had been a year for me as well. I told you, you'd like blogging! :)