Friday, May 22, 2009

He Is Not A Baby Anymore

So this past week Jarred and I moved Jacob to a "big boy" bed. He was so excited about this, seeing as how he HATED his crib. He would cry if we even talked about it. Needless to say he slept with us. That phase has finally ended and I am happy yet sad at the same time.

Jacob is such a big boy now, sleeping in his own big bed. After bath time he goes up to his room and watches Cars until he falls asleep and sleeps there all night. We have taken turns laying down with him but he is getting more used to it now.

This baby phase has gone way too fast, it is really hard to handle sometimes. Hopefully we will be hitting a few more milestones soon. Tomorrow is his Thomas birthday party and he is so excited for cake. I will of course post pictures of all the festivities next week. I hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day weekend!